Increase Productivity & Reliability

Ensure Long-Term Performance

New or Rebuilt Machines for Railway Maintenance of Way

Safety, precision and efficiency are key in railroad maintenance of way (MOW) machines. That’s why we make it our job to provide the most comprehensive and deeply integrated MOW equipment for your rail gang. 

Whether we supply a new railway repair machine or rebuild and upgrade your existing one, our industry-leading control system (installed in all our MOW machines), coupled with the available MOW-Tel™ telematics upgrade, make it easy to troubleshoot, diagnose, and log your equipment in the field or the shop.

Our control system allows you to make quick and precise adjustments to the workhead right from the comfort of the cab and the durability of its components ensure performance in the challenging railroad track maintenance environment.

MOW Equipment Titan Spike Driver


This railroad spike driving machine offers an intuitive control system that enhances your productivity, facilitates troubleshooting and repair, and improves the machine’s durability. 

MOW Equipment Gorilla Spike Puller


Our spike puller technology offers an extra durable, heavy-duty, smooth-running workhead, that significantly increases your productivity, and extends the time between major maintenance intervals.

MOW Equipment Muti-Function Gorilla Spike Puller


The dual-function workhead on this machine can pull spikes, spread anchors or do both actions sequentially, in the same amount of time as a standard spike puller.

MOW Equipment BTN Spike Driver


This lightweight yet high-production, single-sided spiker drives railroad spikes over one rail and can be configured with work heads on either the left or right side of the machine.

MOW Telematics
MOW-Tel Telematics logo


Our patented MOW-Tel™ telematics platform can be incorporated into any of our MOW machines, or any other piece of equipment. It measures productivity, predicts maintenance, tracks machine cycles and much more, for one machine or an entire fleet.

Need a Custom Solution?

Whether you’re looking for control system upgrades, a frame down rebuild and upgrade, customized kits to meet field and shop requirements, or a brand new equipment design, we can help.

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