BTN Spike Driver

Single-Sided Railway Spike Driving Machine

A Lightweight, Single-Sided, Robust, Spike-Driving Machine with Maximum Endurance.

MOW Equipment BTN Spike Driver
MOW Equipment BTN Spike Driver

Our BTN is a tough, heavy-duty, single-sided spike driver with industry-standard workhead, gaugers, and axles.

Although smaller, it has all the full-sized, durable components of a standard-size spike driver and uses the same parts as your dual-sided spike driver (no need to carry extra parts when you’re out in the field). Easy to lift and transport, this added mobility increases your productivity while reducing transportation costs.

The BTN is a rail gang machine; perfect for working on one rail at a time and can be built as a right or left configuration. Upgrade or replace your rail gang spiker with an efficient, durable machine today.

Machine Benefits

  • Lightweight and smaller for easy lifting and transporting.
  • Full-size, industry-standard components.
  • Can be built as a right or left configuration.
  • Newly designed, more durable workhead increases productivity and ensures long-term performance.
  • Make precise, instant workhead adjustments from the operator seat.
  • Reduce switching costs.
  • Troubleshoot and diagnose in the field or the shop with our intuitive control system and troubleshooting features.
  • Eliminate wasted movement.
  • Increase time in service, decrease downtime, and shed hours of manual troubleshooting.

New, Rebuilt, Upgrade, and Custom Options

Not all maintenance tasks are the same. They often require customized MOW equipment to do the job right.

We work with Class I’s, contractors, short lines, transits and mines. Our experienced team understands how MOW equipment is made, how it works, and how it’s used, so we can help you determine the best solution for your track maintenance needs.

You have the option to: 

  • Upgrade an existing machine with a more powerful, durable workhead.
  • Upgrade to a custom workhead retrofitted for an existing platform.
  • Purchase a new or custom machine.

We deliver solutions that: 

  • Extend the life of your railway repair equipment.
  • Reduce maintenance costs.
  • Increase efficiency and improve safety.

Standard Features:

  • Heavy-duty welded steel frame
  • Positive locking turntable 
  • Front & rear tow hitch
  • John Deere, Cat or Cummins diesel engine
  • 40-gallon fuel tank
  • 4-wheel, dual-axle drive, hydraulic motor, chain & sprocket drive
  • Solid pillow block bearings supported by 3-inch diameter axles
  • 16-inch diameter, hub-mounted, cast-steel wheels
  • Spring-applied, hydraulic-released brakes – Cobra-style brake shoes
  • PLC-based CAN-BUS control system
  • 24VDC, circuit-breaker-protected electrical system
  • On-screen diagnostics/troubleshooting information & machine health status indicators
  • On-screen operator adjustments for workheads
  • 60-gallon hydraulic reservoir 
  • Single pressure-compensated Danfoss hydraulic pump
  • Vickers hydraulic manifolds
  • Pressure & return line filtration
  • Manual emergency hydraulic pump
  • Thermostatically-controlled hydraulic oil cooler
  • 1 man open cab with egress left or right
  • Integrated work, travel, brake & strobe lights – all LED
  • Travel alarm, switchable travel direction via switch on master control panel
  • Bi-directional electric horns

General Dimensions:

Weight 19,500 lbs.
Length 19' 10"
Height 8' 6"
Wheelbase 108"
Travel Speed 22mph – max

Workhead/Mechanical Features:

  • Heavy-duty reciprocating hammer spike-driving gun assemblies
  • Guide roller assembly built into workheads to allow for spotting of individual spike-driving heads
  • Dual gauger assemblies – one over each rail for quick and accurate gauging

Intuitive Control System

The leading control system we install in every new or rebuilt machine makes it so much easier to operate, troubleshoot, and diagnose your equipment – whether out in the field or in the shop. Upgrade your maintenance-of-way machine with a state-of-the-art control system that:

  • Allows for quick and precise adjustments to the workhead right from the comfort of the cab.
  • Provides instant key feedback about your machine to the operator or mechanic.
  • Sheds hours of guesswork and diagnosis with its troubleshooting features.

  • Features rugged, durable components in order to ensure endurance in the tough environment of railroad track maintenance.
  • Expedites and improves equipment maintenance and repair.
  • Helps increase productivity and profit.

Parts in Stock Ready to Ship

We are your one-stop shop for quality maintenance of way parts and customized shop kits for machine maintenance and repair. 

Outstanding Service and Aftermarket Support

Our Field Service Technicians are out on the job performing commissioning, training, and troubleshooting support. They can also help diagnose issues over the phone. 

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