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Our Patented MOW-Tel™ Telematics Provides Optimal Fleet Visibility

Measure and track your equipment to improve performance, decrease maintenance, cut costs, and reduce risks with our MOW-Tel™ Telematics system. Our custom-tailored upgrade can be incorporated into any equipment.

This easy-to-use dynamic fleet visibility and management system provides actionable data and workforce intelligence that helps maintenance of way (MOW) rail gangs manage their resources. Having this data at your fingertips allows for improved machine utilization, scheduling of major overhauls, and increased work safety.

MOW-Tel™ Telematics securely transmits data over a wireless network; all you need is an in-vehicle electronic device or a smartphone to establish remote connectivity.

Equipment owners use our system to monitor overall productivity, predict maintenance, measure utilization, and log performance – from any location, for one machine or an entire gang.

MOW Telematics

Optimize Machine Utilization and Prevent Downtime

This essential management tool allows you to schedule major overhauls based on the usage of your machine and understand when repairs need to be made based on workhead cycles and the amount of miles the machine has traveled. 

MOW-Tel™ Telematics keeps a tab on your machine’s health and work volume: from knowing how many rail ties and spikes were removed and replaced in a day, to pin-pointing a failing machine part. You can monitor warranties on parts, log and track part information and machine operators can set up alerts for preventative maintenance to be notified when their equipment is having issues that need to be addressed, taking the guesswork out of maintenance! In addition, you can set a log book feature with a daily check list to pre-flight your machines before they start their day. 

MOW-Tel™ Telematics is a custom upgrade for railroad maintenance-of-way equipment; however, our deeply integrated telematics system is flexible enough to be integrated into any type of equipment.

Telematics Benefits

  • Track and measure equipment from any remote location using a smartphone or an in-vehicle electronic device.
  • Gather logistics of one machine or an entire fleet.
  • Analyze MOW activity to make needed adjustments for optimal results.
  • Boost equipment performance and fleet productivity.
  • Schedule major overhauls based on machine usage.
  • Reduce machine maintenance.
  • Cut down on repair/replacement costs.
  • Lower risk of machine failure.
  • Integrate with any piece of equipment – not just MOW machines.


  • Log book with daily checklist
  • Log and track parts information
  • Monitor parts warranties
  • Setup alerts for parts failure or maintenance due
  • Easy-to-use platform for immediate usage

Need a Custom Solution?

Whether you’re looking for control system upgrades, a frame down rebuild and upgrade, customized kits to meet field and shop requirements, or a brand new equipment design, we can help.

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